Happy 28th Birthday to Grace Helbig!

Here are some GIFs I made of her rolling on some french fries and tortilla chips.

Sep 27 , 2013 739 notes
#dailygrace #gracehelbig #daily grace #grace helbig #french fries #tortilla chips #you might be confused as to what these gifs are all about #well it started with bennyisherp's tweet at grace wishing her a happy birthday #he used the hashtag 'rollmodel' #and that made me think of this video #which then made me think of lunferd's screenshot of the video but with snow on it #(youtube enabled you to add snow over the video player during the holidays i think or something) #michaelamwilson had a birthday post where she made a gif that was grace cut out of a video #so i thought i'd do the same and cut out grace rolling and put her on some french fries and tortilla chips #i did sort of a manual image stabilization for the second gif because the video for that part was shot handheld #after i had cut grace out i had moved her in each frame to be roughly the same height #it looked weird if i didn't do that but i guess you guys wouldn't be able to see that #the plan was to have a third gif of her rolling on a bailey's bottle or something but cutting out a person frame by frame #actually kind of takes a pretty long time (even if you do it poorly as I have) #i used images with creative commons licenses for the fries and chips in case no one was wondering #they're linked to in the image captions #if someone reposts either or both of these i'm probably going to internally cry because of how long these took to make #art #gif #september 27 #birthday #september 27 2013 #happy birthday
739 notes
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